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2 wheel electric scooterEverything in technology starts out big and bulky. The bulkier and newer it is; the more expensive it is. When it finally finds its stride, technology becomes sexy, tamed, glamorous, cosmopolitan and begins attracting buy-in from the masses. The other byproduct of all of this is a pleasant price, color and style options that were left off the older generation editions.

Mini Segway Scooters By

The mini Segway scooters are a revolutionary new look, feel, and are much more than their utilitarian predecessors. No longer bulky, they come in a variety of colors for pretty much anyone in the family, at any economic rung of the ladder.

Starting out in the $800-range, the eVoy Technologies product line is incredibly appealing in price. The top-of-the-line limited edition stylings fall in under $2,000 — a price not imaginable a mere few years ago. The look is not only functional but equally desirable in its design too.

Personal Economics And Utility

Think about it. If you feel chained to the city train, but really only need to go a couple miles each way every day, save yourself the expense of the $65 monthly fare. Over the course of a year, that pays for one of these mini personalized transportation vehicles.

What’s more is you can rock out to your favorite music, or handle private calls thanks to the Blue Tooth technology. Start up your eVoy from afar with the help of the Blue Tooth wireless abilities as well.

If your house sits way up on a hill, and you are sick and tired of traversing what feels like Mount Everest to get the mail and the recycle bin, consider one of these gems. You know you need something, and moving away to the plain states (read: flat land everywhere!) is not in your cards.

More Features
It is sleek, hands-free and utilizes green technology. Your body works in conjunction with its dual electric motors to speed up, slow down, and go at anywhere from 8 to 12 miles per hour.

A note here, if you are wanting to go faster, you will need to pick up a model with a bigger wheelbase, so that you have proper support to stabilize your body at that faster rate of movement.

It is a risk-free purchase, as the company kindly accepts returns within 14 days of purchase. They do handle purchases quickly as well, and once you buy you can expect to receive your eVoy within 14 days. Enjoy your eVoy hands free segway here.

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